We are committed to giving you the best experience!

  • Beautiful, clean facility and the most advanced equipment

  • Sessions guided by experienced coaches

  • Informative experience to help you understand the system

  • Individualized plans to help you achieve your goals

  • Track your progress over time to see results in action

Our system works to help you:

  • Improve fast twitch muscle response to correct errors in movement and avoid falls

  • Improve strength for daily activities like getting out of chairs

  • Improve large motor skills for balanced walking

  • Balance on one leg—which is vital to healthy and safe walking

  • Increase bone density

  • Discover your strongest, most fearless self

You have everything you need to take charge of your balance and strength—and we are here to help. When you are diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopenia, you don’t have to live with a fear of falling. Instead, tap into your body’s natural ability to be strong, reactive, and improve bone density—and discover how physically strong you can be! Osteostrong offers a wellness studio designed just for you. In 30 focused, guided minutes a week, you can become your most stable, balanced, and strong self.

At Osteostrong weekly sessions, coaches will guide you through your individualized plan that will help you improve your balance and strength. The pain-free, science-backed system helps you to develop your brain-to-muscle connection—this coordinates your muscles, helps you regain balance, and actually improves your bone density over time. An experienced coach will guide you through your sessions to track results, keep you safe, and help you to achieve your goals.

Get out of fear and take charge of your balance and strength!

Research Based

In a recent study, participants who engaged in Osteostrong weekly over 9 months gained an average of 2.21% in Bone Mineral Density (BMD) in the lumbar region compared to participants in a control group who experienced an average loss of .12%. Learn more about the remarkable, groundbreaking findings captivating the attention of endocrinologists nationwide!

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